CRUX What if it isn't real.


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Crispian Semple

Cris is an experienced actor with many previous experience in theatre productions, particularly with the Miller Centre Theatre Company. He has previously starred in a number of short films and was very excited to be involved with CRUX. He plays Charles, a man trapped in a strange house that continues to surprise him.
Jai Gungadin

Jai has also been involved with many theatre productions, as well as appearing in 'Hellbride' and the short "The Legend of Lucy Sweet", both by the acclaimed British director Pat Higgins. He plays Lester, an easily angered loan shark who doesn't take too much before he turns to violence.
Joe Halamandres

Joe has previously worked on many theatre productions, with CRUX being his first venture into short film. He plays Irvin, a timid and nervous man who, although is easily intimidated by others, is very capable of making difficult decisions for himself.
CRUX is an upcoming short film forming part of a final year university project from the creative team behind 2014s EPHEMERAL. The film itself consists of connected stories based on three main characters, and how their circumstances relate and interweave with each other. With a heavy and primary focus on sound design, the film will be a showcase for the skills of the production team, whilst also providing a film that is both interesting and engaging to the audience. CRUX was filmed over a 4 days in December 2014, and is expected to release online in late June 2015.

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A film by Callum Bigden, James Ddamba, Kyle Donald and Nickel Lemba